Kentucky Candidate
Information Survey

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Kentucky Candidate Information Survey

No endorsements or spin… We bring you their own words, so you’re the one that decides.

In 1993, the Family Trust Foundation of Kentucky, an educational non-profit organization, established the KCIS in order to provide voters with a fair and unbiased informational publication and to inform voters where candidates stand in their own words.

The KCIS is designed to be a neutral report of a candidate’s views in his or her own words over a broad range of issues using a concise format. This “issues-only,” head-to-head approach avoids pushing a particular agenda, but at the same time it cuts through the political rhetoric often found in campaign literature. This information is strictly educational and is not used for purposes of endorsement.

Kentucky’s 2020 Election – Tuesday, June 23

Four (4) ways to vote in the upcoming primary:

Absentee by mail

Hand-delivery of absentee ballot

Vote early in-person
(recommend appointment w/ county clerk)

Vote on election day in-person
(recommend appointment w/ county clerk)

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Special Thanks to the Candidates . . .
Thank you to all who have stepped forward to offer their leadership by running for office in our great Commonwealth!

A special thanks to the candidates who set aside time in the midst of their busy campaign to answer our survey,
joining us on a mission to increase voter knowledge and participation!

Kentucky Candidate Information Survey

We’re putting the finishing touches on our survey for the May 21, 2019 Primary Election… Please check back.