Find more Russian words at! It is packed with supplementary material to not only expand Power Behind the Throne but also support any WFRP games set in the Empire. Synonyms for power broker include fixer, kingmaker, hand that rocks the cradle, influence peddler, latency, logroller, power behind the throne and wire-puller. I'm wondering if there's a complementary one-word term for the person who does wield the power in such a situation. Find more ways to say powerbroker, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. We've rated Power behind the throne as VERY RARE because it has not been seen in many publications.. We found 1 answer for the crossword clue 'Power behind the throne'. Another word for powerbroker. Information and translations of power behind the throne in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The power behind the throne definition: a person who has all the power and control in an organization or situation , although... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The receptionist/ office manager is often the power behind the throne, so a good relationship with them can be as important as one with the physician. ‘Murray, still the power behind the throne with a 66% stake in the club, was a brash showman.’ ‘His performance revealed how formidable he is as the power behind the throne and how inadequate as a public man.’ ‘They are the great untapped source of power for aspiring politicians, the potential power behind the throne.’ Crossword solutions & Synonyms for Power behind the throne. The Power Behind the Throne Companion is the third of our 5-part series of companion volumes to the Enemy Within campaign. It could also mean the rank or office of any chief or boss. Look it up now! a nominal leader or head without real power. What does power behind the throne expression mean? Meaning of power behind the throne. Definition of power behind the throne in the dictionary. What does power behind the throne mean? Cette personne détient souvent beaucoup de pouvoir , alors la relation qu'on a avec elle peut être tout aussi importante que celle qu'on a avec son médecin. The Russian for power behind the throne is серый кардинал. If the leader, chief or boss is guided by someone else in dealing or carrying out his matters, then that person would be called the “power behind the throne”. It is noticing that the word “throne” does not only imply for a royal position or status. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Find more similar words at! Definition of power behind the throne in the Idioms Dictionary. I'm aware of the phrase, power behind the throne, a person or organization that exerts authority or influence without having formal status. Updated: 7 September 2016. Power behind the throne definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. NOAD describes a figurehead as. The phrase "power behind the throne" refers to a person or group that informally exercises the real power of a high-ranking office, such as a head of state.In politics, it most commonly refers to a relative, aide, or nominal subordinate of a political leader (often called a "figurehead") who serves as de facto leader, setting policy through possessing great influence and/or skillful manipulation. power behind the throne phrase.

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